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Madzoka  - Quantum Healing

​Consciousness shifting  -- body, mind, and spirit --  to reach your full potential, to heal your body and expand your possibilities.

​The Madzoka ceremonial processes described below is not for public use, and the medicinal herbs described are specific and directed at  set intentions.

I was introduced to two types of Tobacco blends- the first one felt a bit foreign on its own, but when added with 2 other herbs - Mapucho and Chalice Vine - it felt much more like a familiar energy, and that was what welcomed in the ancestors. An intuitive sense called me to play some mantras and lastly Yoli-Lamba- a senegalese dance done for ceremony and celebration. This was confirmation that spirit - non-material form - was communicating with me. Throughout this experience the sound of Indigo playing the drum kept coming from the corner with a Chalice Vine plant as I received downloads of Ifa ancestors and ceremony happening in a different realm, including Oshun (my mother) the smell of sweet bread and dancing on coals. We were also visited by a man – in spirit form - who came and placed his hand in my left hand as a way to greet me and make his presence felt. 

To begin the cacao ceremony, I chewed a piece of kola nut -- symbolizes Welcoming. Pharmacologically, it sharpens the senses for greater perception. Then, I was offered a cocoa (criollo) brew -- with three other herbs including cardamom -- prepared right before the ceremony started. The ceremony itself felt light, very energetic and revealed the playful sides of my guides. It began with a form of quantic meditation. Through this process, my own quantum possibilities were shown to me. It opened a channel for me to see things that will manifest in my material world. Part of my intuitive gift is to see things before they happen ... quantum energy experience has allowed for more substance to the things that the spirit reveals to me.

During my Madzoka-Tobacco ceremony a tobacco brew was offered to me. Before having the brew, I felt the emotions coming up of fear around embracing my path, and that was what gave the cleansing and purging process a much more heightened sensation. The entire purging process, for me, took about 3 rounds.  Once it started, I intentional focused on releasing any blocks residing within my body -- experienced as a cleansing, a recalibration. After the purge I rested for a moment and then went home to rest, and process (listen from within). I felt a concsciousness shift almost immediately…..experienced as though my own conscious self felt foreign to me. I experienced deja vu. At another point,  I became aware of myself, but as an observer of myself with both roles being played out at the same time. This was really where the teacher plant, now activated, set in and began to teach me things I needed to know while in other realms.  

During my ceremonies Indigo beat the drum to pave the way for ancestors, utilizing ancient medicinal plants and quantum energy movement technics to help me to access and explore multiple elements (aspects) of my consciousness. The heightened awareness and perception that followed my inicial ceremony continued for months. Ever since, my guides have continued to present me with opportunities to experience the quantum realm and explore the potential for healing, not only personally but also for others through my own practice. Tobacco spirit, for example, taught me through a dream how I could introduce its energy into my private practice. As I learn from my quantic experiences I continue to appreciate how quantum energy movement technic work. Especially, how it could enable the release of blocks within the body that provoked and are maintaining a state of illness or limited belief systems. 

During my cacao ceremony, incense burning, hands and feet cleansing with clay, sound of drumming, mantras and music, meditation, and familiarity with certain medicinal herbs all created and maintained an ambiance of harmony. This, in addition to light pressure applied over major nerve plexus locations on the body, set the relaxed and ideal body state for me to receive the Cacao brew...

You take part in a tobacco brew ceremony because you desire your body to go through both a physical and a spiritual evolution. To prepare, you are placed on a vegan diet or asked to fast for 24hrs before the ceremony. During the ceremony, your body purges itself of whatever it is that was maintaining the 

disequilibrium. As applies to your own history and evolution, the tobacco teacher plant may continue to communicate with you past the day of your ceremony. For example, increase or decreased aversion or attraction, distaste for certain old habits, as well as sharpened and spot on intuitive sense around people and situations in your life.

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